Back pain: causes, manifestations, treatment

Back pain in the lumbar region

Lower back pain can occur for a variety of reasons. It can appear after sleep, during menstruation, due to a mental condition or diseases of the kidneys and other internal organs. Let's take a closer look at why pain occurs, how to relieve lower back pain, and how to differentiate it from kidney problems.

The relationship between pain and psychosomatics

Back pain is most commonly caused by drafts, heavy lifting, and falls. Some patients do not even know that psychosomatics can cause pain.

Often psychosomatics are not even associated with the fact that they can cause lower back pain. The person assumes that the low air temperature on the street or a draft caused him to catch a cold and begin to hurt his lower back.

In people under 30 there is a close relationship between the two terms: psychosomatic - pain.

Psychosomatics of the lumbar spine often says that discomfort in this part of the body appears due to stressful situations.

back pain in a woman

If you feel back pain, you can conclude that a person lacks the support or understanding of loved ones. With the help of pain, the back wants to say that it cannot bear the heavy burden that is being imposed on it alone.

According to psychotherapists, there are departments on the back that are in charge of a specific psychological niche of a person.

The psychosomatics of the lower back is expressed as follows:

  • When someone wants to please others but fails to achieve their goal, the upper back can start to hurt. It is necessary to treat such a problem, working on yourself, taking into account the opinion and attitude towards yourself only of close people. Don't take everyone else to heart.
  • When a person lives with memories, their middle back hurts. For example, after a divorce, a woman or man cannot forget about their soul mate, they think about the past, about everything that happened once.
  • Back pain due to family financial instability. Lack of money, debts, constant arguments about banknotes make the back protest against money. Because of this, psychosomatics provokes the appearance of pain in the lower back.

Back pain associated with psychosomatics must be treated as follows. live for todayLet go of your fears that you will have no money tomorrow. The spine is the backbone of life. So if you have severe pain in any area of your back, analyze your life, your thinking, think about what is missing in life.

pain and menstruation

70 percent of women suffer from pain during menstruation. Such symptoms are considered natural during this period due to a change in hormone levels. Sometimes the body temperature can even rise.

lower back hurts

Why does pain occur?

Pain in the lower back during menstruation occurs due to the following factors:

  1. Great tension in the back, especially in the pelvic area.
  2. When the genitourinary system is inflamed and swollen.
  3. There are hormonal changes.

When the uterus tilts backwards, it puts pressure on the nerve endings, causing pain in the lower abdomen, lower back, and sacrum. Pulling pain in the lower back can occur due to underdevelopment of the uterus.

Because the uterus experiences contractions during menstruation, some women react strongly to it. Such symptoms are directly related to the hormonal background of a woman. The older a woman is, the more estrogen she has in her body. Because of this, heavy discharge can be observed during menstruation.

The causes of back pain during menstruation can be as follows:

  • Violation of the level of progesterone.
  • Before menstruation, back pain occurs due to a disturbed water balance. If excess fluid is not eliminated from the body, the tissues begin to swell.
  • Disorders in the endocrine system. It is necessary to consult a doctor if, in addition to pain in the lower back, there is nausea, vomiting, weight loss, difficulty sleeping, an increase in body temperature.

Lower back pain during the onset of menstruation can also indicate a urinary tract infection, the development of endometriosis, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, menstrual irregularities. IUDs, as well as other forms of contraception, can also cause back pain in the lumbar region and sacrum.

What to do?

For very painful periods, painkillers can be taken. After consultation with the doctor, the medication should be taken during the period of ovulation.

It is important for the gynecologist to examine the patient and confirm that lower back pain is not due to problems with the female organs.

Doctor visit for back pain

You can treat pain with the help of active point massage. Such measures improve the functioning of the endocrine system and hormone metabolism. How to massage, ask a specialist.

morning pain

Sometimes lower back pain occurs right after sleep. Some people encounter it very rarely and attribute it to sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Others often suffer from back pain after sleeping, so they look for the causes of such a problem and consider what treatment should be taken.

Causes of back pain after sleeping:

  1. Osteochondrosis of the thoracic or cervical spine. In addition to back pain, a person complains of increased fatigue, increased pain when leaning forward, backward or to the side. If left untreated, the disease spreads down the entire spine to the lumbar spine.
  2. Pregnancy. After or during sleep, back pain occurs due to the weight gain of the expectant mother, since the baby is actively growing in the uterus.

After sleeping, the lower back can hurt because a person sleeps with their legs fully extended and puts too much stress on the muscles of the lower back during the day. The wrong mattress can also lead to morning discomfort.

To prevent lower back pain after sleep, it is important to choose the right mattress that will help you relax and rest your back at night.

If after sleeping the lower back still began to hurt, go to the doctor and conduct all the necessary studies. If the doctor finds back problems, he will prescribe the necessary treatment. If no problems are found, you should change the mattress or sofa, so that after sleeping you get up in a happy and healthy person.

Learning to distinguish back pain from kidney problems

Pulling pain in the lower back can sometimes indicate problems in the kidneys. How do you make the right diagnosis?

Pain in the kidneys is defined as follows:

  • With acute pain with obstruction of the urinary tract or an increase in the kidney, renal colic is noted. If the pain is very severe, the person may even lose consciousness.
  • When the kidneys don't have time to process the incoming fluid, swelling occurs under the eyes and on the legs. Sometimes the pressure increases, the temperature rises, itching of the skin appears.
  • back pain in men
  • With renal dysfunction, the patient complains of drawing pains in the lumbar region. Sometimes the pain radiates to the buttocks.
  • If the kidneys are poisoned by alcohol, drugs or other harmful substances, then there may also be pain in the lumbar region, extending to the buttocks.

If the patient passes urine tests, an experienced doctor will note changes in urine in its volume. To diagnose pain in the kidneys and lower back, you need to do an ultrasound.

Based on the study, the doctor will determine the cause of the pain and prescribe treatment for the identified disease. Treatment is with special drugs to relieve pain, swelling, inflammation and other uncomfortable symptoms.

pain when bending over

If you feel pain in the lumbar region when bending forward, go to the doctor, since this phenomenon can occur for various reasons. Most often due to osteochondrosis. The doctor conducts an examination, makes a diagnosis, establishes the causes of pain when preventing, and also prescribes the necessary treatment.

Lower back pain when bending over is treated with manual therapy. Treatment is carried out with the help of physiotherapeutic exercises, acupuncture. For the treatment to be successful, it is important to learn how to maintain correct posture.

pain therapy

Treatment of lower back pain is carried out using traditional methods (tablets, ointments, injections, patches), physical therapy, as well as physical therapy, massage, mud.

Blockage for back pain

In addition to the main treatment, home therapy is carried out using folk methods. At home, the following remedies are used to treat pain in the lumbar region:

  1. Run hot water in the tub. Add dry mustard (200 grams). After 15 minutes, rinse off the bath in the shower, dry well and go to sleep in a warm bed.
  2. Mix honey with vinegar (one tablespoon each). Put the product on a cabbage leaf and connect it to the affected area. Fix with a warm scarf, keep the compress for an hour.
  3. Heat four cups of sand in the oven. Pour it into a wool bag. Apply to the affected area overnight. At home, it is possible to warm the lower back if the pain is not related to the kidneys, and also if the body temperature is normal.

Now you know why back pain occurs, how to treat it at home and in the traditional way.